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About eRADs
(electronic Relationship Alignment Diagnostic)

The eRAD is a unique diagnostic tool which enables any two parties (A and B) involved in a business relationship, to independently or in collaboration, conduct a relationship "health check". These two parties could be internal or external, customer and supplier, business units, work teams, functions, workplace locations/sites or stakeholder groups or any combination thereof. The two parties could even be individuals seeking to understand and improve their working relationship.

The eRAD report created immediately upon completion of the questionnaire, identifies the Current State and Desired Future State for the relationship under review and makes recommendations for bridging the gap between them. Secondary states, if they exist, are also identified. Secondary states are those pockets or outliers of behavior, practice or performance, for better or worse, that differ from the current state.

The eRAD is based on the 0 to 10 Relationship Management (0 to 10RM) Matrix shown in the figure 1 right. The 0 to 10RM Matrix highlights the legitimate relationship types or approaches that exist and the range of performance levels that can be achieved.

0 to 10 relationships management matrix OWC business relationships

The 0 to 10 Relationship Management Matrix has application to any business relationship whether internal or external to the organisation, operating in any market segment, public or private sector for any product or service category. All business relationships fit somewhere on the matrix.

The eRAD report reviews the key elements of culture, strategy, structure, process and people that underpin business relationships and reviews the six Key Results Areas that need to be managed and measured. There are also 'self help' activities that will generate greater understanding of the relationship being analysed and identify additional opportunities for improvement. A draft 1 day agenda for a Relationship Review and Improvement Workshop is also given to assist in the next steps in the journey of relationship management and improvement.

The eRAD is based on 3 fundamental questions surrounding any business relationship:

(1) What is 'our' current approach to the relationship?

(2) What is our perception of 'their' current approach to the relationship i.e. the other party in the relationship?

(3) What is 'our' desired future state for the relationship?

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