Unlock Your Consulting Potential with OWC's Incubator Program!

Are you a recent graduate with a passion for consulting, but the complexities, risks, and expenses associated with starting your own consultancy hold you back? Look no further! One World Consulting (OWC) proudly presents our Consultant Incubator Program – a game-changing opportunity designed for aspiring consultants like you!

Why Choose OWC's Incubator Program?


✨ Save on insurance and overhead costs: Enjoy the freedom to focus on honing your consulting skills without the burden of hefty setup expenses.

💰 Earn the bulk of client fees: Maximize your earnings while we handle the logistical challenges, allowing you to concentrate on delivering exceptional consulting services.


🤝 Mentorship: Benefit from personalized guidance to accelerate your learning curve and enhance your consulting prowess.

📈 Marketing Support: Leverage our marketing expertise to build your personal brand and attract clients effortlessly.

🗃️ Administration Support: Streamline your operations with administrative assistance, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – consulting.

Remote Work Options

🌐 Embrace the Future: Enjoy the flexibility of remote work, breaking free from traditional office constraints.

🏡 Work-Life Balance: OWC understands the importance of balancing work and personal life, providing you the autonomy to thrive in both.

12 Week Paid Internship

ğŸŽ“ Jumpstart Your Career: Our program with candidates selected from approved partners including InternMatch begins with a 12-week paid internship, providing hands-on experience to learn and refine your marketing and business consulting skills.

💼 Real-world Projects: Gain practical insights by working on real client projects, setting the stage for a successful consulting career with a flexible work / life balance. 

OWC's Incubator Program is not just a chance – it's a pathway to success!